What is a Dog Playpen and Why Should You Consider One for Your Home?

Date Posted:17 November 2022 

A dog playpen is an enclosure that provides safety, security, and comfort for your pet when they are not being supervised. They are most popular for puppies who are still learning their boundaries and help keep them safe from choking on small objects or chewing on dangerous items such as pwoer cables when unsupervised. They can also be used as a temporary enclosure away from home, e.g. in camping trips.

If you are considering getting one for your pup, it’s important to take into consideration the size and height of the pen in relation to the size of your dog. Some dog breeds such as Poodles are extremely athletic and are able to climb or jump out of short playpens. Also, keep in mind that some dogs may require more space than others depending on their breed and energy level.

At Vebo Pet, we offer our dog playpens In a variety of different materials to suit your needs. This includes plastic, metal and fabric.

We also stock heavy-duty dog pens as well as light-weight exercise pens for puppies.

Our 8-panel metal wire pet exercise playpen is a customer favourite as it is spacious, connects to other collapsible wire crates, has a lockable door, and is lightweight and portable.

For a playpen that looks great in your living room, we have a lightweight yet sturdy plastic playpen. This is easy to transport and gentle on polished tiles and floorboards. Set up only takes a minute or two.

This playpen can be used inside or outside (as long as it’s brought inside overnight!)


For the high-energy pups out there, you could also consider the Vebo Pet Fabric Play Pen. Puppies are usually very light, so technically they do not require a heavier metal playpen to stop them. Because fabric playpens have no bars to plant their feet on, they are generally hard to climb out of.

This playpen is very portable and folds completely flat in seconds for easy storage and transportation, so it is great if you travel with your dog a lot.  It also has see-through mesh windows on all panels allowing your pet full view outside.

This is a great playpen for those with multiple dogs as it’s expandable as you can insert more panels (or remove panels).

A dog playpen is an excellent way to allow your dog to expend some energy without the worry of them running away or chewing any of your furniture.

At Vebo Pet we’re committed to providing the best dog playpens. Our friendly team is more than happy to help recommend what playpen is right for your dog based on its size and breed.


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