Dog Crate Hire Service

Short Term Crate Hire Service
(Sydney metropolitan area only

We understand that there are many reasons why you need a crate for a short period, whether it be asking a friend to look after your dog for a few days, a short trip to the holiday home, or in most cases, for a recovering pet after surgery. Instead of buying a crate, we give you the option to hire one.

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Hire Rates and Information

We have a range of sizes for hire at extremely affordable rates, call us on (02) 9029 9385 to ask about availability. We only provide hire for the VEBO Collapsible Wire Crates (which come in 5 sizes):


Dimensions (cm)

Suitable for

Rate for 1st/2nd/each week thereafter

Initial Security Deposit (refunded once returned) *


L60 x W45 x H52

Rabbits, Cats, Toy/Small Dogs

$11 / $8 / $6



L75 x W50 x H57

Small Dogs
- Maltese, Jack Russell

$14 / $9 / $7



L90 x W60 x H65

Small / Medium Dogs
- Border Collie, Staffordshire

$17 / $11 / $9



L110 x W70 x H80

Medium / Large Dogs
- Labrador, Golden Retriever

$22 / $14 / $12



L120 x W75 x H85

Large / X-Large Dogs
- German Shepherd, Great Dane

$28 / $18 / $16



e.g. Hiring a MEDIUM crate for 4 weeks costs $14 + $9 + $7 +$7 = $37 (That’s $1.32 a day!)

*The security deposit is refunded on return of the crate, providing there are no damages, late fees or extensions to the rental period. In this case, the appropriate amount will be deducted from the security deposit.

Pickup and Returns

There are 2 options here:

(1) You may physically come to our store, but do call us in advance to make sure it is available

(2) You can get us to deliver and/or collect the crate from your home. There will be a charge for delivery and another charge for return pickup (if you require a Next Day delivery service for an extra fee, you will need to order before 10.30am with us over the phone). You may also get us to deliver the crate to your home and physically come to our store to return it yourself, or vice versa.

Sizing and Folding Instructions



The following is a quick demonstration of how the folding mechanism works


Terms and Conditions

  • The agreement is for the hire of the collapsible crate owned by Vebo Pet Supplies and does not transfer any rights of ownership to the customer. The customer agrees that they shall not transfer or assign the cage or this Agreement to any other Party. The customer further agrees to return the cage to Vebo Pet Supplies at the end of the rental period.
  • The customer specifically acknowledges that this agreement is not for the purchase of the cage.
  • The customer agrees to return the cage on the date specified on the rental agreement or contact us to arrange a pickup service for an additional fee if required. If the unit is not returned on this date, additional weekly hire fees will apply. Extensions may be arranged if there is no waiting list on the crate by contacting us directly prior to the return date.
  • Repackaging and cleaning fees will apply if the box was provided with the crate or if the crate is dirty on return.
  • Should the customer decide to keep the crate before the rental period expires then we will charge the rental fee up to this date and refund the remaining period. The security deposit will also be forfeited.
  • Should the customer discover at any time during the rental period that any part of the crate is not operating correctly, the customer agrees to contact the store immediately. No refund will be given for the rental fees or security deposit if the crate is returned at the end of the rental period and is found to be faulty or damaged.
  • The customer agrees that Vebo Pet Supplies is not responsible for any accidents or injuries to the customer, their property or pets and the customer agrees to indemnify the store against any claims or other matters that may arise in relation to such accidents or injuries.