VEBO PVC Whelping Box & Playpen Kit for Dogs (LARGE 150x150x48cm)

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VEBO PVC Whelping Box & Playpen Kit for Dogs (LARGE)


Comes in 3 sizes to suit a wide range of dog breeds. This innovative whelping box will make life much easier for you (and your dogs) as well as provide plenty of room for the mother and pups to rest. You will love these handy features:

  • All plastic (PVC) construction so every single part can be washed in water
  • Adjustible door height
  • Integrated playpen (no opening to outside in playpen area, you can create your own kit by purchasing a whelping box, extension pen panels and split wall panel separately instead)
  • Integrated crush rail to keep the puppies safe
  • Commercial grade PVC that is UV stable, tough and durable
  • 99% of parts just slides into each other. No tools required.
  • Flat packed so you can pull it apart to save space when you don't need it
  • At Vebo, we always carry spare parts so you know you will be fine if you ever break a panel or lose a bracket. This product has lots of pieces so you want to ensure you can get spare parts


Do you sell a solid base for it? What should I put on the bottom?


People often tell us the box would be "perfect" if it comes with a sealed solid base. Our opinion is a solid base may be great for cleaning, but it's not the safest setup for whelping. One of the biggest risks with whelping is the mother lying on top of a puppy and killing it. This could happen either when the mother is lying on a pup against the side walls (hence the crush rail around the sides), or a puppy sneaking UNDER the bedding, so the mum accidentally lies on top and crushing it. With a sealed hard base, a bed will have to sit inside the box with all the edges exposed, so it is harder to prevent puppies from sneaking under it.

So we believe the safest way to lay the bottom is:

- Firstly lay something waterproof, like a piece of plastic sheet, tarp or vinyl flooring. If you are going to use the whelping box more than once, we recommend using vinyl flooring. They only cost around $20 a metre at Bunnings (the rolls are usually 2m wide). They sit smooth and flush on the floor, will not move or slide around, are very durable and very easy to clean. Cut the piece a bit larger than the box, have at least 10cm overhang on each side.

- Secondly, place your vet bedding on top of waterproof layer. The bedding should also be a couple centremetres bigger than the box (all our whelping box bedding are cut this way, so you won't have to order a size up), so the weight of the whelping box will hold down the sides of the bedding and all the edges are OUTSIDE of the whelping box. Puppies will not be able to sneak under the bed this way. If you are using an electric heat pad, it should be placed under the vet bedding so the puppies cannot chew on it. Finally the actual whelping box goes on top of everything.


External Overall Dimensions

Small - 216cm (L) x 108cm (W) x 48cm (H)

Medium - 256cm (L) x 128cm (W) x 48cm (H)

Large - 316cm (L) x 158cm (W) x 48cm (H)


*For internal dimensions, please deduct approx 16cm from length and 8cm for width. Vertical bar spacing is 4cm in playpen area.


Whelping box Dimensions

Small - 100cm (L) x 100cm (W) x 48cm (H)

Medium - 120cm (L) x 120cm (W) x 48cm (H)

Large - 150cm (L) x 150cm (W) x 48cm (H)


The following is a quick demonstration of the assembly process


Brand Vebo
Shipping Weight 45.0000kg


By: on 17 June 2024
Best whelping box ever! Heavy enough to hold down the mat but still light enough for us to move around, choosing whether or not we have an entrance made of one, two or three pieces high has made it so handy to keep the puppies contained as they get bigger but still allow for mumma to jump in and out when she needs to. It’s super spacious and easy to clean! It was pricey but was delivered pretty quickly and it’s definitely reusable so I give it a solid 10/10

Perfect for big dogs and big litters!

By: on 14 June 2024
We just had our maiden doberman litter and wanted something we could use again in the future, but that was easy to clean and pack away when not in use. We ordered this and it arrived quickly. Lucky because we put it up and about 4 days later is when our litter was born! Our girl settled into the whelping box perfectly. She had 14 births but 11 live puppies and I love the inner pipe that stops her from squishing them because she is a big girl and this happened a few times. It was so easy to put together. It’s very light but well constructed — there’s been many times our girl was leaning more toward the side and pushed the box but it hasn’t ever fallen apart or made weaker when she does this. I’m very happy with the whelping box, and also the messages from ave I confirming it arrived on time. We also ordered the mat and the heat pad and they are so easy to use with the box. I’d highly recommend this whelping box if you are breeding or expecting your first litter.

Great whelping box and fast delivery

By: on 21 May 2024
Very pleased with the products and efficiency in getting them delivered. Our next litter will be thrilled to be in luxury and toasty warm thank you

Awesome whelping box

By: on 15 February 2024
Got a whelping box from them it arrived quickly and it’s awesome, easy to put together and all going well so far

Wonderful for big dogs and puppies

By: on 9 February 2024
Wonderful communication throughout the deliveries. Products are well made and absolutely wonderful for big dogs and her puppies. Thank you

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