Should You get your Cat a Cat Cage?

Date Posted:8 December 2022 

Cat cages are a necessity for pet owners who want to keep and transport their cat safely.  Because many cats are nearly impossible to catch due to their speed and agility, they usually have to travel in a cage or some form of enclosure. Vets would often recommend that they are cage-rested if they are sick or carry an injury, so that they can be monitored and cared for when needed. 

Increasingly, more people are keeping cats in high rise apartments so a cat cage is often a good idea, so that you can leave your cat outside to get some fresh air and sunlight without worrying they will jump off from the balcony.  A cat cage is the perfect way to provide your cat with a safe space in an apartment.

The best cat cages you can buy are generally the biggest one your home would allow. Taller cages with multiple levels can help to maximise the use of your floorspace at home, so they are usually very popular. If you need to move the cage around a lot, finding one on wheels is important. The door size of your cat cage should be big enough so you can get your litter tray and other toys in/out easily. If you are going to place your cat cage outside, make sure it’s undercovered as cats do not enjoy getting wet and get a cover for your cage to keep it warm at night. 


Buying a cat cage is an important decision, so make sure you think carefully about all the things we have just talked about.


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