ProFleece Premium 1200gsm Dry Vet Bed CARPET-BACK (1m x 1.5m | Blue)

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Made in the UK. Has a thick carpet-like backing. The ProFleece Premium is a high quality 1200gsm vet bed that is ideal for general use. Machine washable at up to 90 degrees. Comes in 3 colours and can be easily cut into any shape/size at home for a custom

ProFleece Premium 1200gsm Vet Bed (Carpet Back)


Manufactured in the UK, the ProFleece Premium range is one of the densest and strongest vetbed (1200gsm) in the world and is used by vets and pet professionals worldwide. Hardly any bedding available in Australia are made in the UK, if they don't say where it's made, you can safely bet that it's made in China, so don't be fooled by cheap imitations.

Vebo Pet Supplies is ProFleece's only offical distributor in Australia.

Ideal for puppies, car/air travel crates, as well as a general purpose pet bed at home.



  • Made of one the world's densest 1200gsm polyester fleece (approx 28mm thick), providing excellent heat retention and air circulation properties as well as excellent support for joints. Some brands may use a GLM figure (grams per linear metre) instead of GSM (grams per sqaure metre). For standard 1.5m width, 1200 GSM = 1800 GLM
  • Hygienic, non-irritant and non-allergenic
  • Highly scratch and chew resistant
  • Machine washable at up to 90 degrees and cool tumble dried
  • Keep puppies dry when "accidents" happen as liquid will fall through the thick fleece layer
  • Comes in a range of pre-cut sizes to fit our cages
  • Easily cut into any size with a Stanley knife for custom fit
  • Comes in 3 different colours
  • Bulk buy option available, huge savings when you buy in 3m, 5m or even an entire roll (approx 15.5m). Buy in bulk with friends and save!


Note: Wash at 40deg or below to avoid shrinkage. Some pieces include selvage so there may be loose fibres which may be removed by hand, vacuuming or washing

Please Note

You may find that your ProFleece pet bedding sheds at first. This is normal! During manufacture, loose fibres can get caught in the pile and will come loose during use. Some shedding along the cut edges is to be expected too. The shedding will naturally reduce through use and cleaning. It will not affect the thickness of the pile or appearance of your fleece and the fibres are not harmful to animals.


Bulk buy savings, sold per meter off the roll (1.5m wide with backing or 1.6m wide including selvage)

1m x 1.5m = $54.99

3m x 1.5m = $155.99, that's $51.99 per metre!

5m x 1.5m = $254.99, that's $50.99 per metre!

16m x 1.5m = $784.99, that's $48.99 per metre!




Barcode # PPG00x
Brand ProFleece

highly economical solution

By: on 11 March 2024
A great value purchase, outstanding communication from vebo. My dogs are tuff on bedding so I'll report back if the mat doesn't last the distance. Dog bedding is so expensive, but this seems to be a highly economical solution. Buy it, it's worth a shot

Very happy!

By: on 22 December 2022
This is the only product that I will use now on for my dogs. Its easy to clean, drys very very quickly and is super comfortable. Vebo was also easy to deal with and I received my order very quickly. Thank you!

Simply perfect!

By: on 11 September 2022
I ordered 3x1.5m 1200gsm piece of pro fleece to cut at home for whelping box. It is superior quality, very thick! The only issue I had - it shrinks if washed on 60+ degrees (fine on 40). I wish it was mentioned on the website so I won't end up with undersized mats. I gave used mats to my puppy buyers as mum scented blankets. They found many uses for them - as a pen carpet, under bed throw and, even as a go out bed for going to a cafe! I am ordering new cut for my next litter. This time I will wash it few times before cutting. Still giving it 5 stars for quality and longevity!

Fleece bedding- marvellous

By: on 12 May 2020
Pro fleece dry vet bed carpet back makes a great bed for puppies and adult dogs. I’ve used it for years. Can just be thrown in the washing machine and dries quickly. It looks very comfy!

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