How to Build You VEBO Flat Roof Metal Dog Kennel

Author: Vebo Pet Supplies   Date Posted:23 August 2019 

Thank you for purchasing the VEBO flat roof metal dog house!


Although we have already made a bunch of tweaks over the years to make the installation process easier, building the metal kennel is never the easiest task. After all,  there are a lot of loose parts and it does require drilling a few holes. Looking on the bright side, after having your 7th wooden dog kennel destroyed, this will last for many years to come, so your hard work will definitely be rewarded!

To make life a little easier for you, we have prepared a few videos to highlight the key steps in the building process. They do not replace the assembly instruction booklet, but they can help you understand certain steps better, as a video can always show something better than pictures.

Instead of having one big long video, we have broken it into 3 parts.


Part 1: Building the back, side and front panels


Extra tips

  • Remember to double check all panels and bars before you snap them together
  • Don't worry too much if your side bars aren't 100% perfectly centred when you snap on, you can still shift them slightly by pulling the bar . When you add the corner joints on later, the panels will naturally re-centre
  • The front panel is only held together by friction at this stage (don't worry, once you assembled all the sides, it will be locked in), so try not to move it too much once you have built it


Part 2: Buidling the roof panel


Extra tips

  • Remember to double check the little holes for the hydralic arm and make sure the bar is in the right place (i.e. on the left hand side and facing down)
  • For the back hinges, the horizontal distance between them is actually not important as long as you are installing on a flat section of the roof. But the vertical distance from the hinge plate to the back is important to achieve the right overhang, the optimal distance is 50mm to the edge
  • There are little plastic caps included in the box to cover the sharp end of screws


Part 3: Putting everything together



Extra tips

  • Flooring is acturally optional. If you are placing your kennel in a wooden deck for example, you can choose to leave it out
  • Please note that the metal glue shown in the video is an alternative method, therefore is not included with the item
  • Some younger dogs may chew on the door flaps, if your dog is still going through that phase, you may want to leave the door flaps off