Swimming with Wild Pigs

Date Posted:16 April 2015 

It's official! Pigs might not fly, but they can certainly swim!

In the pristine waters of the Bahamas (a popular holiday spot for Amercians and it's near Miami), they have wild, yes, WILD, pigs and piglets that would swim out and play with tourists (I guess it's because a lot of people feed them). God knows how many hours they spend in the water per day, but my guess is those pigs are probably cleaner, smell better and are better swimmers than me.

Wild piglets that swim, tick.

Super friendly pigs, tick.

Cleanest pigs on earth, tick.

I personally think I need to swim with wild pigs at least once in my life (same probably goes for my kids).  Looks like we have to visit the Bahamas someday.

Watch the video below:


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