Use of Dog Nappies and Diapers

Author: Vebo Pet Supplies   Date Posted:20 September 2017 


It's not very often you think about putting nappies on your dog. I remember I briefly thought about it when I was mopping up wee for our 8 weeks old puppies a long time ago, but I thought it was a bit ridiculous plus our dog was toilet trained quickly after that.

Our dog passed away at the age of 17. It's only after he has passed away I realise I could have used dog nappeis (or waist bands, because we have a male dog) in several ocassions throughout the 17 years.

So learn from our mistake, here are a few times you can save a lot of effort with dog nappies:


Longer car trips

While our dog did quite well with toilet training at the beginning, he can generally hold just fine, but accidents did happen during the first few months when he got too excited. Going on his first long car trip was very exciting unfortunately, so our back seat paid the price.


Injuries or illness

Once he fell from waist height onto the ground in an awkward position and injured his back legs, the first night was bad as he could not stand at all. He wet his bed that night, which means I had to wake up in the middle of the night, take the soaking wet dog bed to the laundry (as well as cleaning up the trail of wee in my path afterwards), quickly wash his body in the bath, blow-dry, then find another bed for him. A single nappy could have saved us 60 minutes thaty night!


Incontinency at old age

During the final year, as with many old dogs, they can start to become incontinent. Fortunately, it wasn't too bad with our dog, at least it wasn't on a daily basis, I would say it was about once a week or two. But if it was daily, it would defnitely be a nightmare. If there is a pretty high chance that the nappy will be soiled, I would recommend using disposable ones, because washing wee is not fun plus the disposable ones are dry to touch so the dog stay relatively clean.


Female dogs in heat

We had a male dog so we didn't have this problem, but our friend had a female dog (not desexed) and it could get very messy. Blood stains everywhere. Once again, disposable one is better for this because blood is quite hard to wash out plus you don't use that many each year so it's not expensive anyway.

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