Puppy proofing your house

Author: Vebo Pet Supplies   Date Posted:17 January 2018 

Christmas / new years is always a popular time for getting a new puppy, but now with everyone returning to work and school, you really need to make sure your home is safe for an unsupervised puppy. So there are a few things you would need to watch out for.


Choking hazards

Puppies like to chew when they are teething so you would need to make sure the area is clear of small objects that your puppies can potentially choke on. Keep an eye out for things such as kids toys, erasers and other stationary items, hard candy etc. It's a good idea to direct your dog's chewing to rubber toys that are designed for dogs, such as the Kong puppy range.


Dangerous plants

There are many plants that are dangerous to dogs, even something as common as tomatoes is a hazard to puppies. A lot of professional dog trainers can inspect your backyard plants as part of their in-home puppy training. For a complete list, please refer to a list provided by the RSPCA.



Obviously falling from heights can be dangerous for puppies, so if you have a deck, balcony or staircase, it's important to block them off so your puppy cannot fall off. It is possible to block off a stair case with a safety gate like this one.


Holes and gaps in backyard

Wide gaps or holes in your backyard could allow your puppy to get out, it is extremely dangerous as they haven't spent much time walking on the streets so they won't watch for traffic. Also watch for places where your dog can dig out or places where it can jump on top to get over the fence. If your backyard is not fenced properly ot just has too many weak points, you may need to consider an outdoor dog kennel run.


Sharp or expensive household items

If you have household items like expensive paintings, vases and other items, you'd definitely want to keep them away from your puppy. Either lock them in a room, or if not possible, setup a indoor playpen for your puppy so it's confined within a safe space

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