Animal cruelty in our society

Author: Vebo Pet Supplies   Date Posted:28 July 2016 


Many people are aware of animal cruelty these days. If you randomly asks a person on the streets to give you an example, they will probably think of dolphins caught in fishing nets, lions made to jump through hoops in circus or a dog chained up to a tree at home. While these are all real examples, what most people don't realise is that there are (much much) worse cases of animal cruelty happening all around us everyday, and we are all unconsciously supporting them!

One of the most wide spread and worst cases of animal cruelty is with cows. If you think about it, Pigs and lambs are raised and they get killed for their meat, it sounds a bit nasty, but it's not too hard to accept as this is how nature works. Thousands of years ago, human hunts and kills animals for food. In fact many other animals like lions and tigers do that too. Unfortunately I feel like we may have crossed the line with cows.

The problem with cows is that we don't just eat their meat, but we also use their milk, and a LOT ot it too. We drink milk, we eat cheese, we eat chocolate, we eat ice-cream, the list goes on and on. Dairy cows have a very harsh and sad life. As soon as a female baby calf is born, she is removed from her mother within a day, so that the mother's milk is saved for selling. Cows are actually pretty affectionate animals, so a mother cows will moan for days and is obviously devastated from losing her calves. Once a female baby calf reaches milking age (around 3 year old I think), she will be impregnated artificially by farmers using bull sperms so that she starts producing milk, so in a way you could say she is violated and raped. When baby calves are born, they are taken away from her in a day. Then this cycle repeats again and again, until she dies from one of several common health issues, or she will retire in a few years time, and be sent off to be chopped up as low-grade meat. A normal cow lives for 10-15 years, a diary cow lives for 5-6 years max, like due to the extreme psychological and physical stresses. This doesn't feel like how nature works.

We don't threat chicken particularly well too, because we eat their meat and we eat their eggs. So chickens in egg farms have to live harshly in tiny cages for years beforethey get to finally die. Free range egg farms are slightly better, but there are many reports that say most free range egg farms are actually pretty bad.

The saddest thing is that we are eye brows deep in this animal cruelty problem. If you drive around the block, you will see KFC, Oporto's, McDonald's then you have Coles and Woolies selling $2 milk across the road. They all rely on mass production of milk and meat at the lowest possible cost, at the expense of our humanity. There will be no easy way out of this, because we are socially programmed to drink milk from babies and eat cheap meat, and there are so many rich and powerful fast food companies profiting from it.

We hope everyone can think about where their food come from, and what it means where you pick up that bottle of $2 milk from Coles next time.

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