A La Carte & Vetalogica Dog Food

At Vebo, we like to feed our own dogs as much fresh ingredients as we could.  Unfortunately with our busy lives we do not always have time for it, so we believe as a good quality dry food is also very important for city living.

In Australia we are blessed with some of the finest fresh meats and produce in the world, so it makes perfect sense that our dogs should be eating 100% local ingredients, made by a local business. Instead of paying top dollars for overseas brands that are manufactured thousands of miles away, we would like to throw our support to 2 small boutique local brands - Vetalogica and A-La-Carte. Vetalogica Naturals is a grain-free dry food made locally in Sydney using ingredients from local farms. We have tried their food on many of our own dogs and we genuinely believe they are a quality brand at a good price. Their factory is less than 30min away from our business, so you seriously cannot get any more "local" than that!

A La Carte is another new small local brand that we work with. Their factory is based in Western Australia, situated close to local farms, which is always a good thing. They mainly target dog breeders and other professionals. As you would expect, dog breeders are extremely experienced and knowledgable so you cannot easily win them over with just colourful packaging. If hundreds of breeders have switched to a new brand in a farily short period of time, you can be sure you are getting a competitively priced and high quality product.